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Backpack and battery cover

Discussion in 'Metal Detecting Clothing, Bags and Backpacks' started by Turbowrench, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Turbowrench

    Turbowrench AKA Novice

    Local Time:
    6:14 AM
    MFD (2.05)
    Hi all,
    I would like to do a quick review on an Aka's products as follows:
    It is long enough to accomodate signum mfd( only had to take off middle section off) in one compartment.
    Second long compartment is enough to bear 2x coils smaller than 15" ones at once or a coil and small handle digger tool.
    All above compartments are padded and easy to carry on long walks(done over 30 km with no hassle).
    There are 2 side pockets with zipp in addition proved to be very usefull for batterries, accessories,bottles, etc
    On top of thus you get 2 flat pockets on the outher backside enough to fit another coils,
    Spare clothing,you name it.
    Battery cover however is nowhere near the same quality as the backpack.
    Coil fitting'oppening is too tight.Sewing is inconsistent and improvements can be made.
    I have not got the chance to test against a rain to further acknowledge the water reppelent option,therefore cannot comment on this.
    Overall backpack is superb.my friends were surprised at its own capacity capabilities.
    The only con is that 15"coil can hatdly fit in.
    I will gladly answer questions in regards to the products.
    It will be my personal view over the products I bought from Aka.
    Many thanks
    Turbo out
  2. SuchMuch

    SuchMuch Detectorist

    Saint Petersburg, Russia
    Local Time:
    9:14 AM
    First Name:
    Pro (1.00) A-Gain
    Thanks for yr review! By fact, these products have no relation to AKA at all.
    Are you able to insert connector's nut (withing connector) through the hole?

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