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New 6"x10"@2 Freq.(6 kHz and 14 kHz or 12 kHz and 20 kHz) Coil for Single Frequency AKA Metal Detectors For Sale

EUR 129.00
проезд Воскресенские Ворота, Центральный административный округ, Москва, Russian Federation
Price is rubles 8 900 that is equal to eur 129 (based on exchange rate valid on 2 September, 2017). Shipping is not included

2 frequencies (6 kHz and 14 kHz or 12 kHz and 20 kHz) available an user can change frequency with a switcher placed on the coil.
Let me know if interested.


    1. oliver
      what are the best frequencys for Roman sides with Mineral contend
      12 and 20
    2. tibko
      Hallo Igor, I have already ordered 2 frequency coil elsewhere, but I have one question.....your coil has a switch on the body, I ordered with two pins on the body...... the frequency change is via 9v battery. Are the both coils same as the function? The frequency switching system is just a cosmetic treatment, or other differences?
      1. SuchMuch
        Coil with pins is mars coil, it's not an AKA coil. Bundle of frequencies AKA coils and mars coil have are different
        Sep 2, 2017
      2. tibko
        OK, thank You.....Hmmm.....so I'm probably wrong, I'll see how it works ...
        Sep 2, 2017