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S-Pro/B-5 Dust/Dirt Cover for Sorex Pro/Berkut 5 - Woodland Pattern For Sale

NEW dust/dirt waterproof cover

EUR 19.50
Completely new/never used dust/dirt waterproof cover for metal detector AKA Sorex Pro / AKA Berkut 5 - Woodland Pattern. I've been using the equal camouflage dust cover in my hunts more than 2 years. Neither liquid dirt, nor rain can wet yr control box with this cover. It protects screen and buttons from scratches and dust. No need to take dirty gloves off just to change settings.

Testing equal cover with Sorex Pro:

Berkut 5 cover has no hole for headphones.
Sorex Pro cover has no hole for A-Gain.

Should you need a hole for A-Gain (Sorex Pro) or for headphones (Berkut-5) just cut them with cuticle scissors.

Payment via paypal only. If you decide to make personal payment, price will be eur 18.

Other Cover Patterns: