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New Signum MFT-MFD with upgrade (modification "Pro"). For Sale

EUR 190.00
Signum MFT Firmware Version:
2.06 MFT
Москва, Russian Federation
the both models,MFT and MFD are available for ordering with some upgrading performed here in Russia by one of the local dealers.
Those,who want to order a new Signum MFT or MFD can order with this modernization as well or without.All guarantees are insured in the both cases.
According to the summary,some actions are applied to the stock detector.
Among them,changing a number of condensers,adding an analog regulator of the total gain,an installation of the trigger for a coil currency,changing one of the chips and additional water resistant gaskets.
Due to the conclusion made by this seller and opinions of some users,those changes could improve main parameters of the model,make it more flexible in setting and more precise in GBing and finally to set more sensitivity without falsing to compare with the stock detector.
The cost is approximately 210 usd to the cost of Signum.
For members of this Forum will be discounted.


    1. Carlo morandi
      Ciao. Sono italiano. Io ho in mfd. Posso spedirlo per un aggiornamento ? Quanto costa ?.
    2. vint1
      Hi Igor , your best price to UK , for a mfd with a full straight shaft , 206 firmware, with the pro upgrade, no coil required ,i have 4 .. covers if possible , and bottom stem , carbon if possible . Your best price . Vinny
      1. Igor
        Hi Vinny,please,write to me directly.You are supposed to know my e-mail or again aka-in@mail.ru Thanks.Igor.
        Mar 10, 2017
    3. pasadete
      I have a MFT , its supposed can be upgrade to MFD 2.06 and PROMod , questions:
      MikronBG does this upgrade?
      Paypal accepted?
      Total cost with shipping?
    4. Tragac
      Is it possible to buy from Micron this upgradet model...it is good to see in action ground balancing...outside look..thank you
      1. Igor
        No,it is possible to buy only from Russia,sorry.Thanks.Igor.
        Mar 10, 2017
    5. John Taylor
      Is there an address and a contact number, I woulkd like to contact someone before I send my detector in, see what payment type they accept, I would like to use paypal as your protected with this method. Also want to know about postage costs and turn around time.
      1. Igor
        Sorry,but this upgrade could be possible if someone buys a detector from Russia and personally I would go to that dealer to make this upgrade due to our resposibility for all.If you mean to send your detector to here and to make this upgrade,I suppose,shipping will eat funds.Besides,it is out of my responsibility.Thanks.
        Mar 10, 2017
    6. Diggs4ever
      I have a mfd and also ordered a mft when my mft arrives I would like to ship it to you for upgrade