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  • This classified has been closed.

Used Signum MFT with upgrade For Sale

Signum MFT with upgrade.

EUR 780.00
Signum MFT Firmware Version:
2.06 MFT
Печатников переулок, Центральный административный округ, Москва, Russian Federation
Here is one for sale with so called upgrade.Used,but in a good shape.The block was always in a dust cover.Now it is MFT and with 10" coil at 7 kHz.
MFT and MFD are the same detectors just a different software.
If someone wants I can change it to MFD for an additional cost.
The present model and it is Signum MFT costs 53000 rubles including Express delivery.
Any other coil or coils needs to be discussed as well as changing it to MFD version.