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New Sorex Pro with upgrade (modification "Ultra"). For Sale

EUR 162.00
Москва, Russian Federation
Sorex Pro is available for ordering with some upgrading performed here in Russia by one of the local dealers.
Those,who want to order a new Sorex Pro can order with this modernization as well or without.All guarantees are insured in the both cases.
According to the summary,some actions are applied to the stock detector.
Due to the conclusion made by this seller and opinions of some users,those changes could improve main parameters of the model,make it more flexible in setting and more precise in GBing and finally to set more sensitivity without falsing to compare with the stock detector.
The cost is approximately 175 usd to the cost of Sorex Pro.
For members of this Forum will be discounted.


    1. vint1
      Hi , i interested in a full upgrade for my pro , AGain , firmware, and ultra upgrade . Full cost , UK , vinny
      1. Igor
        Hi Vinny,
        it is better if you write to my e-mail directly to explain details.Thanks.Igor.
        Mar 10, 2017
    2. Tragac
      That means for new model of Sorex also price would be increased for 175$...which is close to MFT ...and if compared which one would be better
      1. Igor
        Yes,for a new Sorex Pro the cost will be increased by that amount with a discount for members here.To compare new models,Signum has still more cost.But to say what is better is not correct,these are different models have some similar features,but different as well.
        Feb 3, 2017
      2. Tragac
        Igor Thank you on answer..is it possible to order from Micron
        Mar 7, 2017
    3. luca
      what is it? would be an upgrade for those with the Sorex pro?
      Thank you and good day
      1. Igor
        Probably yes,but shipping will be added as well.
        Feb 3, 2017
      2. luca
        hello !! I could you please explain how do I install? I would like to order but I live in Italy
        thank you
        Mar 18, 2017